In 2016, Kalanidhi Dance celebrates 25 years of dance choreography, education and performance with a year-long series of events. We invite you to join us!

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Since 1991, Kalanidhi Dance has been committed to training the next generation of dancers to the highest standards in the Kuchipudi art form. As a professional dance company we have toured the world and introduced audiences to the beauty, complexity and depth of Indian classical dance. We have brought our unique performances to the Kennedy Center, the St. Louis Indian Dance Festival, Lincoln Center in New York City, the Drive East Festival, and more. As we think about our future, we remain committed to creating a community of passionate dancers, audiences, and the pursuit of artistic excellence.

Your continued support will make Kalanidhi’s 25th anniversary celebrations truly memorable! Please consider a tax-deductible donation to Kalanidhi’s “Join the Tradition” Fund to help make our events, performances, and special events happen. Your contribution will specifically help to compensate performers, cover production costs, provide delicious food and wine at the events, bring special guests from all over the country and the world, and much more.

We are also seeking volunteers to help with our events – please email us to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Join us as we celebrate our past, present & future.