Photography by Brittany Diliberto,

On Saturday, December 5th 2015, Kalanidhi Dance and over 200 of our generous supporters gathered at the illustrious  National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC to celebrate our Silver Anniversary milestone. The gala was a spectacular evening of inspiring performances, exotic flavors, laughter, and, of course, dancing!

          Kalanidhi Dance's 25th Anniversary Gala         Kalanidhi Dance's 25th Anniversary Gala

For 25 years, Kalanidhi Dance has captivated audiences in the US and around the world, demystifying the rich, ancient tradition of Kuchipudi dance through exquisitely conceptualized and choreographed performances. Through the vision of founder and artistic director, Anuradha Nehru, Kalanidhi Dance has earned a stellar reputation for artistic expression, which has encouraged creative dialogue within the arts. Such dialogue unites different peoples with entirely unique life experiences and perspectives through their passion for dance and performance, which in turn enriches the quality of the art created. We are all beneficiaries.

Our journey would not be possible without the support of people who believe in our work. The value we bring to every artistic collaboration rests in the strength of our foundation. Your support allows us to provide a depth of training and retain an intense commitment to excellence that inspires each of our dancers to achieve the highest levels of performance.

We thank you for your generous support and hope to see you at our events in 2016!