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The Company

Kalanidhi Dance

Kalanidhi Dance, supported and presented by John F. Kennedy Center, National Endowment for the Arts among many others...

is a leading Kuchipudi dance company that performs classical and original works using the timeless visual vocabulary of Kuchipudi, one of eight Indian classical dance forms.

Kalanidhi Dance explores creative and contemporary ideas using the vocabulary of Kuchipudi while retaining the essence and integrity of the classical form. Trained in the rigors of the Vempati style, Kalanidhi Dance has gained the reputation of being one of the finest Kuchipudi ensembles in the country.

Central to the company's artistic philosophy is the belief that creativity is nourished through dialogue and interaction with other artists. Kalanidhi regularly collaborates with local and international partners of Indian classical dance and other genres of the performing arts as a way to extend the reach of the company, enrich the experience of the students and dancers, and push the boundaries of the art form. A highlight was Kalanidhi's partnership with Opera Lafayette in the productions Lalla Roukh (2013) and Gods of Egypt (2014), both performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington and the Lincoln Center in New York.

Kalanidhi Dance has presented its work in the U.S, and around the world, including at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Wolf Trap Performing Arts Center, National Theatre Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic Society, and many more in the Washington metropolitan area.

The company regularly offers interactive workshops and performances at schools and community organizations, engaging audiences of all ages and spreading an appreciation for Indian arts and culture.

Meet The Company

Kavya Smrithi Adabala

Kavya Smrithi Adabala was trained in Kuchipudi under Guru Hari Rama Murthy at Kuchipudi Kalakshetra in Vizag, India for over 15 years.

Keerthana Adapa

Keerthana Adapa, made her debut as a member of the Kalanidhi Dance Company in the 2016 production of “Rasa Revisited”.

Ankitha Durvasula

She believes that dance is a universal language, no matter what style.

Ramya Durvasula

Ramya Durvasula, a graceful and vibrant dancer, has been dancing with the Kalanidhi Dance Company since 2013.

Swetha Duvvapu

Swetha has been performing with the Company since 2018.

Srilekha Jayanthi

Srilekha has been a part of Kalanidhi Dance for more than 18 years.

Mytreyi Nair

Mytreyi Nair has been part of the company since 2021

Sahiti Rachakonda

Sahiti loves connecting with her audiences and embodying various characters because it brings joy to all.

Ritika Reddy

Ritika Reddy has performed with the Kalanidhi Dance Company since 2014.

Pragnya Thamire

Lavanya Thamire

Deviga Valiyil

She loves that dance allows her to express her confidence.
What they're saying

Company Reviews

The Washington Post

"Nehru uses Kuchipudi, the deliciously graceful yet rhythmically pungent South Indian classical form, as the expressive base from which she urges her eight dancers onto an epic and expressive quest. “Navarasa" blended both traditional and contemporary elements in a fully realized evening.”

The New York Times

"The Kalanidhi combination of bright energy, full-bodied sweetness and rapid precision; its wealth of multidirectional focus, physical detail and expressive nuance: the abundant spectacle of its groupings and geometries; its multilayered connection to its music; the beautiful pliancy of the spine; the vitality of the feet and arms: these make for a rare amalgam of prime dance virtues."

The Hindu

“American-based Kalanidhi troupe took the audience by storm. I’ve never seen such a polished, professional display of Kuchipudi before. I was blown away. The attention to detail was impeccable.”

Dance Metro

“The polished, ...Kalanidhi ensemble injected kuchipudi into Felicien David’s 1862 opera Lalla Roukh...featuring fanning fingers and angled limbs, and kaleidoscopic circles of young women skimming the floor and springing like gazelles.”