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Kalanidhi Dance School

2022/2023 Winter Registration

Session Dates: December 5th 2022 to March 12th, 2023

Registration & Admin fee $30 will be added for Fall and Winter trimesters.
A Student Annual showcase fee $90 will be added to Spring trimester


Classes in Levels 1 through 3 provide a course of study in Kuchipudi fundamentals. These classes systematically introduce basic dance vocabulary and concepts and instill correct habits and discipline. Students are challenged to strive for correct form and technique.

Endurance Class

The Endurance class is open to students of all levels. We believe a lot of dance is learnt from observation. In individual classes, students do not get an opportunity to observe students from different levels. The intermingling of different levels in one class has many benefits to learning. This class will allow students to improve stamina, reinforce technique and build core and flexibility.

Enrichment Class

A solo-performance training class


The intensity of training increases and lays the groundwork for those aspiring to a professional dance career or preparation for their full-length solo debut performance. These classes provide greater emphasis on development of core skills that help the dancer become a more graceful and expressive dancer.


These classes provide intensive training based on the needs of the student. An analysis of the student’s challenges and potential help inform the customized training that the students receive. At this level, we foster individuality, discipline, and high self-esteem.